Product Focus: Drill Down Trial Balance

Its always a nightmare at the end of year when you are trying to work out why the figures just aren’t quite right. Hours of time can be wasted chasing around a few pounds, and it ALWAYS turns out to be something really simple! The Drill Down Trial Balance is a tool to relieve some of that frustration.

Drill Down Trial Balance

  • You can start of with a Trial Balance, for any period
  • Drill down from the top level to the Sub accounts
  • Then drill-down to the actual Ledger Items
  • Then click on the Ledger Items to see the related Transaction, Journals, and Ledger Entries

But what about if you have one Invoice you can’t figure out what it is still unpaid?

Drill Down Transaction

You can open the Drill Down from any transaction, and see all the Ledger Items that relate to the invoice, as well as view the related Credit Notes, Adjustments and Payment Journals.

Drill Down Dimension Tag

If you can’t figure out why the balance on a Dimension Tag is wrong, use the Drill Down to show all the postings related to the Tag

Check out the Video

See the Drill Down TB in action:

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