Product Focus: Sage Financials Cloud Archive

On the 31st December 2020
Sage will “be withdrawing the service”.

This means you will have NO ACCESS TO YOUR DATA.

Not for your auditors.

Not for VAT inspections.

Sage Recommends…

Sage have provided some advice on: Exporting Data for Migration – Financials. This gives a list of the reports they recommend you setup and export, along with exporting all your data using the the Salesforce Data Export tool. Unfortunately the full data export is of little use as it generates a separate csv-file for each objects – a total of over 350!

Though this may give you the minimum requirement for regulatory purposes, you will loose a huge amount of detail at the invoice and journal level, detail that could be a big help with auditing and VAT inspection.

Migrating your data

Hopefully you are close to choosing a new accounting system, or have already made up your mind. And one solution is to get your new provider to migrate all your historical data. You will get push back. Its complicated and can be very time consuming (equals costly). And they may now understand the Sage Financials data well enough to bring over everything you require.

Data Archive

This is where the Sage Financials Cloud Archive by Alpha Index comes in. Experts in Sage Financials, Alpha Index have put together a solution that copies all the critical Sage Financials data: Ledger Items, Invoices, Credit Notes, Journals, VAT submissions to custom objects in the Salesforce Platform. It even copies over attached files. So long as you have a Salesforce License, you will have access to the data. You will be able to produce Trial Balances, Aged Debtors and VAT Detail Reports and navigate around the data to chase down unexpected figures.

This will enable your auditors to complete their job, and provide the data needed for a VAT inspection.

Dimension data is also preserved, enabling you to analyse your data at the Ledger Item level.

Uninstalling Sage Financials

Sage Financials can completely clog up Salesforce, and may require you to pay annually for additional data capacity. After the 31st December 2020 you wont even be able to uninstall Sage Financials. You will be stuck with all that data in Salesforce, but with no way to access it…

With the Sage Financials Cloud Archive you can securely archive your data and then remove Sage Financials before the deadline. And Alpha Index are offering a complete package that includes uninstalling Financials.

Simplifying Migration

Sage Financials uses around 250 objects, so migrating to another system, unless you are really familiar with these data structures, in a real pain. Talk to your solution partner about using the Sage Financials Cloud Archive to reduce that to 4 objects, making the migration a much simpler proposition.

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