Trial Installation Guide & User Guide for Bank Reconciliation

There are two steps to install & setup the Bank Reconciliation FeaturePack plugin.

You must be logged on as the System Administrator to install the package

Step 1 – install the managed package

The Budget Grid uses a managed package which needs to be installed. You must have and up-to-date Sage Financials installed first.

The installation URL is:

Follow the instructions in this video to install the Sage Financials Feature Pack by Alpha Index

Step 2 – add the Tab to Sage Financials

Follow the instructions in this video to add the Budget Grid Tab to the Sage Financials App.

The Tab you should enter is ‘Reconcile’

Using the Bank Reconciliation FeaturePack Plugin

This video gives you an overview of Bank Reconciliation:

Please Contact Alpha Index if you need any help with the trial, or if you want to upgrade to the full version:



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