Export files from Sage Financials

Export files from Sage Financials with an easy to access result Sage recommends exporting files using the Salesforce ‘Data Export’ function. But the problem is it retains neither the file name nor the file extension, so a file named ‘DOC_PUN-000000020.pdf’ which will open up in Acrobat will end up being called ‘a2i3z000005CZeFAAW’. And then to find Read more about Export files from Sage Financials[…]

An internal server error has occurred

Quick tip to help with uninstalling Sage Financials When you have migrated from Sage Financials to your new accounting system you will want to uninstall Sage Financials from your Salesforce Org to free up the space. Sage have provided an article detailing 14 step you need to follow to uninstall Sage Financials: https://help-financials.sage.com/en-gb/Org/Uninstall%20Financials.htm  After completing those Read more about An internal server error has occurred[…]

Salesforce Platform options for your accounts

The Salesforce Platform? Sage Financials was built on the Salesforce Platform, so you are already familiar with many of the features of the platform: the reporting, approvals, emailing, the navigation & search, the security model. Before going over the reasons for staying on the Salesforce Platform I should declare an interest: my company is a long-standing Read more about Salesforce Platform options for your accounts[…]

Product Focus: Sage Financials Cloud Archive

On the 31st December 2020 Sage will “be withdrawing the service”. This means you will have NO ACCESS TO YOUR DATA. Not for your auditors. Not for VAT inspections. Sage Recommends… Sage have provided some advice on: Exporting Data for Migration – Financials. This gives a list of the reports they recommend you setup and export, Read more about Product Focus: Sage Financials Cloud Archive[…]

When would it be prudent to migrate from Sage Financials?

When is the best time to migrate from Sage Financials? Time is ticking away to the 31st Dec 2020 when Sage Financials reaches it’s end-of-life. This is the first time a major SAAS based accounting system has been turned off so for most of us, this is uncharted territory. This is a short post covering when Read more about When would it be prudent to migrate from Sage Financials?[…]

Sage Financials REPLACEMENT shortlist – Xero

Xero as a replacement for Sage Financials? First thing to stress here is that this is not an exhaustive review of Xero, but my own personal option on the product. You must perform your own due-diligence, but this article can save you time and give you pointers on what to watch out for. If you Read more about Sage Financials REPLACEMENT shortlist – Xero[…]

Sage Financials REPLACEMENT shortlist

The Sage Financials replacement shortlist There are thousands of accounting packages out there, but I’ve put together a shortlist for Sage Financials users in the unenviable position of having to find a new solution in the next 10 months. Follow this link to receive a copy of the full shortlist with our assessment of the Read more about Sage Financials REPLACEMENT shortlist[…]

Bank Reconciliation & Bank Matching

Why Bank Reconciliation? Bank Reconciliation makes sure the bank balance in your Balance Sheet is the same a the actual balance at the bank. This is a crucial part of ensuring the overall accuracy and integrity of your accounts and a requirement for auditing. Verifying that your balance sheet bank balance matches the balance at Read more about Bank Reconciliation & Bank Matching[…]

Christmas Fix for Bank Matching filters

What is the problem? If you use the [Pay] feature to mark Purchase Invoices as paid, you generate ‘Payment to Suppliers’ journals. Using Bank Matching feature in Sage Financials you can easily use [Match] to match a payment from you bank statement to the ‘Payment to Suppliers’ journal. So far so good, but unfortunately the ‘Filter Read more about Christmas Fix for Bank Matching filters[…]