Credit Chasing

Who owes you money?

You can find out which invoices are due for payment in a number of ways:

  • From the Home page, Click ‘View Report’ from the ‘Sales – Outstanding Invoices’ Dashboard chart
  • Choose ‘Sales’ tab and ‘REPORTS’ sub tab.
    There are several reports, but ‘AR – Outstanding Invoices’ should be useful
  • The ‘CUSTOMERS’ sub-tab gives you quick access to supplier balances
  • The ‘SALES INVOICES’ sub tab include List Views ‘Unpaid and Overdue’ and you can sort them by any column.
    NB: You can create your own List Views to display invoices and fields you are interested in.

When you have identified the invoice you can use the Emailing Invoice method to send emails using chasing email templates. Alternatively, click on the Contact and from the Contact record you can write and send an email. (Email Templates can be setup, and integrating with Outlook or Gmail makes email more useful)

You can also click on the [PDF] button from an invoice, download the invoice, and send it through your normal email.

Customer Statements

To send Customer Statements the Customer record (Account object) must have a valid email setup.

Editing the Customer Email

  • Navigate to ‘Sales -> CUSTOMERS’ subtab
  • Click on the Customers name and go to the ‘Details’ tab where you can edit the email:

Emailing statements

  • You will want to setup a suitable List View so you can select customers that owe you money, eg: ‘Owes us Money’ or are overdue.
  • Then use the tick boxes to select the Customers you want to send Statements to and click on the [Send Statement] button.
    This will email the selected customers with a PDF of the statement

NB: The Sage Financials statement cannot be customised, but Alpha Index have a solution to replace the Statements with one which is fully customisable.



To see this, click on the Customer

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