Who Needs Paying

Who Needs Paying?

You can find out which invoices are due for payment in a number of ways:

  • From the Home page, Click ‘View Report’ from the ‘Purchases– Outstanding Invoices’ Dashboard chart
    (NB this will NOT show Opening Balance invoices)
  • Choose ‘Purchases’ tab and ‘REPORTS’ sub tab.
    There are several reports, but ‘AP – Invoices to Pay’ and ‘AP – Aged Debt’ should be useful
  • The ‘SUPPLIERS’ sub-tab gives you quick access to supplier balances
  • The ‘PURCHASE INVOICES’ sub tab include List Views ‘Unpaid and Overdue’ and you can sort them by any column.
    Use this in conjunction with ‘PURCHASE CREDIT NOTES’ to ensure you only pay what is required.
    NB: You can create your own List Views to display invoices and fields you are interested in.

You can then pay the supplier using your online bank and mark the invoices as paid in two different ways, depending on how your Sage Financials has been configured.

Configuration Note

The report ‘’AP – Invoices to Pay’ have been modified to include Credit Notes and may be overwritten with Sage Financials Upgrades. Backups of the reports ‘AP – Invoices to Pay AI’ can be used instead but may become out-of-date.

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