Mark Paid

Sales invoicing is a 2 step process but purchases follow 3 steps:

  • Enter the invoice
  • Pay the invoice
  • Reconcile the bank payment

To find out who needs  paying, follow this link: Who Need Paying

When you have paid the supplier through the online banking system you can flag the Purchase Invoices as paid using  [Mark Paid]

Navigate to ‘Purchases-> PURCHASE INVOICES’

  • Choose a suitable List View to show the invoices needing paying
    (You may need to update the Purchase Invoice List View to include the ‘Mark Paid’ field.)
  • Select ‘Mark Paid’ from the right-hand picklist:
  • OR tick the invoices you want to Mark Paid and click on the [Mark Paid] button

You can then use these List Views to see which invoices you have paid. The actual payment is handled through Bank Matching.


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