Quick Tip: Default Contacts

Did you know that if you setup a ‘Primary Contact’ in the Supplier or Customer record, the ‘Contact’ field is automatically filled in when you create a new invoice?

You have to have a contact, with and email address, to be able to emails invoices & statements, so this default makes that much easier.

For existing Salesforce Users who may already have Accounts setup, you do have to setup the┬áCustomer or Supplier tag first. (This is automatically setup the first time you use them in an invoice). For standalone Sage Financials users, just click on [Add New] in the Supplier or Customer Subtab and the Tags are created. What you need to do then is setup a contact, which could be ‘ACCOUNTS’ with and email ‘account@acme.com’.

When you’ve got that setup, navigate to the Supplier or Contact, choose the ‘Financial Information’ tab and scroll down:

Setup the Primary contact and you will never have an orphaned invoice again!


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