Sage Financials Partner Event

On the 26th and 27th November Sage Financials hosted the first Partner Event at their Dublin site.

This was no easy ride with an 8am start after a solid evening of ‘networking’ and here are my main take-aways:

  • Sage is committed to working with partners, that not only gives us the confidence to invest and grow our businesses, but is the only was for Sage to scale at the rates they have planned.
  • Sage has a fully developed plan for Making Tax Digital (MTD) and will have solutions in place by the March deadline, but I’m not convinced HMRC will be ready…
  • Brexit hardly raised its head – quite a relief – and the Irish news barely covers it. No one has a clue what will happen, but Sage Financials is run agile and will respond to whatever transpires.
  • I always thought 5 reporting technologies was… … overkill? But it seems it can be a great selling point for Sage Financials. People in different roles have quite different requirements, and can find the perfect tool from the wide selection.
  • The high-point for me was the new Bank Matching. It works. It can change the way you do accounting. More about that when it is released!

Throughout the event, it was clear that Sage has the commitment to investment in Financials, allowing it to mature into a major force in accounting software. As a Sage Financials partner it was great to see the commitment Sage is making to the community.

Thanks to all the staff at Sage Financials who made this such a great event.

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